Wa flipping hoo!! WBMencap has the best prizes ever for Race Day 4th /March 2015 BREBIS!!

Brebis have offered me a chef for ten people to cook in their home, winner provides wine and we will cover fuel.  I want this prize!  Here are examples of what you could eat.  Although for a chance to win you do need to buy a ticket to the most fun day ever, the West Berkshire Mencap Race Day 4th November 2016, half the tables already gone but still looking for race sponsors which gives you a table as well as watching your race from the Royal Box and loads of sponsorship opportunities.  Also prizes like this!!!

2015-05-29 12.33.51This is a fabulously well priced prix fixee that you dont have to worry about if you win our prize!  If you don’t win then get down to Brebis and try it out, you wont be disappointed

  2015-05-29 13.18.01    

A wonderful and joyous surprise in the mouth of gazpacho with extras that I didn’t write down so rely on the chefs to update if  they want to.

     2015-05-29 13.19.08

oooh home cured salmon with a zillion really carefully chosen and perfected items that went with it that again you just need to try, this isnt a proper review, it is an example of my inability not to show you amazing food but detail is NOT my thing

2015-05-29 13.40.05

Hake with crushed potatoes, these guys must have weird quirky relationships with fish as they know just how to cook them.  I suspect they spend time in the water, lure the fishies in and then kill them with kindness somehow.  I dont want to think too much about that bit.

      2015-05-29 13.44.53

I had to show you my half eaten food so you can get an idea of how amazingly cooked the fish is.  Brebis food is so flipping amazing and there may be an exciting event happening on 16th September at Brebis.  £50 for an amazing meal, with wine that will support West Berkshire Mencap

if you want to sponsor a race, book a table or place for Race Day please move fast and call West Berkshire Mencap on 01635 41464 or email leila.ferguson@wbmencap.org.  Same for the Brebis Dinner

Newbury Town Council, please let me sit down

I love Newbury Market and could happily spend hours there except for one thing.  The stall owners aren’t allowed to have tables and chairs outside.  I am thinking in particular of Isidro’s, the ultimate Thai street food stall outside Tescos.  I love it but cant stand for too long for medical reasons and would love the chance to sit outside in the glorious sunshine enjoying their delicious food at a leisurely pace.  Dear Newbury Town council is there a reason they cant have a table and chairs and if there is can you look at it?

It’s garden oven building day!!!

Two different lots of ribs in oven along with a marinated leg of lamb to have in wraps, salads in fridge along with a million chicken wings.  Long Island Iced Tea on standby, Beers in fridge.  Will blog as I go.  When I say I this doesnt mean I am doing the manual work, I am feeding the herd

Michel Roux Jr v Marco Pierre White

Apparently I have caused a little controversy as a result of my blog on the P&O cruise on the Oriana.  This, if you remember was a fairly miserable cruise with pretty rubbish food but possibly the worst disappointment was the meal we had to pay extra for, the meal at the Ocean Grill, Marco Pierres White offering.  Check out day 4 for the description of this meal then compare it with the post Roux Parliament Square.


The MPW thai fish cakes my pescatarian sister chose, no mention of the bacon, very tedious and hardly worth moving your mouth for.

IMG_2776Ruby, my niece chose this mac and cheese type thing which was like a liquidised heavily condensed bowl of wallpaper paste which they had forgotten to add the crispy shallots, would it have made a difference, who knows?  If you want to see the other ‘food’ check out day 4 of the blog but there was nothing exciting, wooly fluffy lobster and prawns which tasted prefrozen, an amuse bouche which was actually inedible.

P&O did kindly conact me to discuss my disappointment re their food and I am not sure whose fault it was that Marcos was so rubbish but sureyly @mpwgroup has some responsibility.  At Roux we were not catered for by @michelrouxjr , indeed not @SteveGrovesChef but by Marco, the next one down.  The food was impeccable.  The service was incredible.




Char roast langoustine, prawn tortellini, prawn tartare and coastal vegetables

I have been told that I am naive to expect good quality if the executive chef/owner isnt present and that of course the food will be much worse.  I find this unacceptable.  I realise I am criticising the Chefs Chef, so many of the great chefs that I have interviewed  love him so I was expecting quality even though I wasn’t expecting him to be in the kitchen sorting out the stock and the turkey himself.  What is his food like in his other restaurants, he has chains of them? Was this just a piece of bad luck or all the restaurants Marco puts his name to just as rubbish.

Scallops and prawns YUM Veggies avoid this post Pescaterians embrace

When Tony is out I muck about cooking things that I fancy and one that I keep coming back to and refining is my scallops and prawns dish.  Today I left out the beetroot and introduced wild garlic.

2015-05-12 18.04.33

onions and smoked bacon lardons in wild garlic butter

2015-05-12 18.25.06fresh raw scallops and prawns ready to be made gorgeous and delicious

2015-05-12 18.26.42ooh look, fried in the fat from the smoked bacon and just about to turn pink and lush

2015-05-12 18.27.38prawns going pink and perfect in the bacon fat

there we go, mashed potato with spring onion, a bit of cabbage and a spoonful of horseradish

2015-05-12 18.33.07don’t forget a squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped basil at the finish